Those Who Wander Wild

I hear the mountains calling to my soul

As clear as if they called me by my name

The shore-bound waves upon the lake do roll

Reflecting peaks majestic and unchanged

The heights where few, save eagles, dare to roam

I lift my eyes and set my feet to go


Now, gentle waters flow across the trail

And soft pine leaves emit their fragrant bliss

Life’s worries wilt, becoming rather frail

Compared with peace as absolute as this

I tread along the path that is sublime

Of those who wander wild amongst the pines


A single flower blooms on forest floor

The color of the innocence of spring

As delicate as clouds above that soar

Arrayed in greater splendor than a king

Rich tapestries, painted with oils divine

Surround and awe this humbled heart of mine


I sit here in the quiet, thinking long

On life, on love, on solitude and joy

Upon my ears, there rests a tuneful song

The sighing wind, by mighty peaks giv’n voice

It whispers secrets kept within the minds

Of those who wander wild amongst the pines


Moist fog covers me in a soft blanket

A mystic shroud that hides the land below

The path ahead beckons—I must take it

New worlds emerge as higher up I go

Atop the peaks: freedom unthinkable

Above the clouds: beauty unspeakable


Mud on these boots of mine bears testament

To where I’ve walked—tomorrow, new paths wait

When one adventure ends, do not lament

All trails connect—it’s what the wise ones say

I count it good fortune to walk in line

With those who wander wild amongst the pines



Cover photo taken at Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

74 thoughts on “Those Who Wander Wild

    • We have had many good times, and many more are to come! I actually wrote the first verse while we were on the TCT together–it’s about Jenny Lake. The other verses were written on various other hikes I’ve done since then 🙂


  1. Great writing. It’s clear that you’re genuinely attracted to the wilderness. “Life’s worries wilt” you say. The smell of pine needles in the clean, mountain air does that for me too.
    And amazing photography! Is this photo your own work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how a little bit of nature can put your worries and cares in perspective.
      I did take the picture as well. Thank you for your compliment! That jagged mountain in the background is called Keyboard of the Winds because of the noise the wind makes blowing through it. The first time I saw it, its beauty literally took my breath away.

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